Los Olivos Packaging

Olives Product on TablePlump, firm, juicy and oh so tasty!

At Los Olivos Packaging we take great pride in the care we give to import our olives from Spain in a way that preserves their freshness, taste, and appearance. And that’s just the beginning of the care we give our products. Olives packaged by Los Olivos Packaging have been placed into jars with human hands. It’s the ultimate process in quality control and something we at Los Olivos Packaging are very proud of. A machine can’t see or touch each olive to make sure the consumer is getting the best of the best, but we can and we do. We offer a wide variety of pickled and cured products and packaging options. You can buy our products here online or take advantage of our private labeling program. Much of what we package ends up on the shelves in retail markets with a different label. In other words, we make others look as good as we do. That is a testament to the quality that we supply and have been delivering to consumers since 1983.

Take a look around the website and please let us know if you have any questions. We are just a phone call away, (323) 261-2218.

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